The vision of the Department of Justice and Community Safety is a trusted justice and community safety system that works together to build a just, safe, and resilient Victoria.

Organisational structure
How the organisation is structured: our ministers, our Secretary, the business units and agencies within the department, and how they relate to each other.

Annual reports
Each year the department's annual report provides a summary of the key initiatives and activities of the department, including reports on performance, delivery of outputs and financial management.  

Corporate plan
The department's Corporate Plan 2023-7 sets out what the department will deliver over the next 4 years including its core services, its support for whole of Victorian Government priorities and the department's strategic priorities.

Strategic Direction
The department's Strategic Direction 2024-28 supports the department’s delivery of its significant reform agenda, including government and department priorities.

Access our services

The community can access a range of the department's services at our Justice Services Centres. Established to support the local community and respond effectively to the need for improved access to justice services, our centres have office locations in the following justice regions:

Find your closest Justice Service Centre

See a list of Local Government Areas by Department of Justice and Community Safety region

Our values and behaviours

The department provides professional, value for money services that are driven by Victoria's Public Sector Values (External link)

  • responsiveness
  • integrity
  • impartiality
  • accountability
  • respect
  • leadership
  • human rights.

Our values and behaviours are always on display, from service centre staff helping people resolve a consumer problem to prison officers maintaining security and safety in Victoria’s prisons. 

The department’s values and commitment are demonstrated every day through the actions of our staff, whether they are working in regional areas or metropolitan offices.

Our values shape and influence ongoing training and development, performance planning, recruitment and relationships with stakeholders.

Through our approach to cultural diversity, we also strive towards an inclusive justice system that enables culturally and linguistically diverse communities to fulfil their potential as equal citizens.

Child Safe Standards and the Reportable Conduct Scheme

The department's Child Safe Policy and Child Safe Code of Conduct outline the department's commitment to child safety and clear expectations for appropriate behaviour around children.

Code of conduct

All departmental staff must abide by the code of conduct (External link) for Victorian Public Sector employees.

Conflicts of interest

The conflicts of interest policy articulates the department's position and employee responsibilities in relation to the declaration of private interests.


The Disability Action Plan recognises that all Victorians have a right to access the justice system.

Environmental management and sustainability

The department's environmental management and climate change policy outlines the department's commitment to and responsibilities for minimising the environmental impacts associated with its business and operations.

Gender equality

Gender equality is a fundamental human right. People of all genders should have equal rights and opportunities.

The department released its Gender Equality Action Plan 2021-2025 (GEAP) on 8 March 2022 and sets out the department’s vision to ensure people of all genders experience safety, respect and inclusion across our workforce and the justice system.

For more information on Victorian Government gender equality activity see:

Gifts, benefits and hospitality

The department's gifts, benefits and hospitality policy and gifts, benefits and hospitality register address the accepting, giving, declaring and recording of gifts, benefits and hospitality and apply to staff, contractors and consultants. 


Victorian Government grants, including those administered by the department, can be found at Victorian Government Grants and programs (External link) on

Koori inclusion

Yarrwul Loitjba Yapaneyepuk - Walk the Talk Together: Koori Inclusion Action Plan aims to improve access, participation and effectiveness of justice programs and services to Koories, in order to deliver improved outcomes to the Victorian Koori community.

The Koori Cultural Respect Framework underpins the Koori Inclusion Action Plan by committing to consciously build upon our cultural awareness and inclusiveness of Victoria’s Koori communities.

Through the department's Koori Employment and Career Strategy, we are building engagement and trust with the Koori community by developing a workforce that is representative of the community it serves.

Multicultural and Multifaith

The Multicultural and Multifaith Action Plan 2023–2027 (MMAP) outlines the actions we will take to improve outcomes for all members of Victoria’s multicultural and multifaith communities, whether they be in our workforce or whether they interact with our justice and community safety system.


The privacy policy refers to the use and management of personal and health information collected by the department.

Private interests

The declaration of private interests policy articulates the department's position and employee responsibilities in relation to the declaration of private interests.

Protected disclosures

The making and handling protected disclosures procedures explain how to make a disclosure about the conduct of the department or its employees.

Social media

The department's social media policy and social media video guide departmental employees and external contractors on their professional and personal use of social media.


The department's current tenders and supporting information can be found on the Buying for Victoria website (External link).