The integrity of the Department of Justice and Community Safety (the department) is critical to its acceptance in the Victorian community as a provider of services for, and on behalf of, the community.

It is recognised that departmental officials could have private interests or another public duty that may conflict, or be perceived to conflict with their public duty to the department. Therefore the department's senior leaders and relevant financial delegates must take a proactive approach to managing the associated risks. Full disclosure is key to maintaining confidence in the department's integrity and supports the department's annual reporting requirements.


The purpose of this policy is to articulate the department's position and employee responsibilities in relation to the declaration of private interests.


This policy applies to all:

  • executive officers of the department
  • departmental officials with a financial delegation exceeding $20,000
  • statutory entity officials who are directly accountable to departmental Ministers
  • staff who have acted in the above-mentioned positions during the current financial year.

Statement of Policy

The department requires all relevant officers make appropriate declarations of private interests (DPI). This ensures that any potential or actual conflicts of interest can be identified and managed. 

All the department officials included in the scope of this policy are required to complete a declaration of their private financial and other interests:

  • upon appointment
  • when requested by the Director, Integrity and Investigations
  • when declared circumstances change.

The declaration requires disclosure of certain matters including:

  • any pecuniary interests, including interests in any properties held
  • shares held as a nominee or held beneficially in a statutory authority or subsidiary
  • any criminal proceedings or convictions
  • civil probity matters.

When you provide this information it will be reviewed and any potential conflicts of interest identified will be escalated to the relevant Divisional Head. 

The standard declaration form is available to staff.

Related policy and other documents

Public Administration Act 2004

Financial Management Act 1994

Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees 2015

Code of Conduct for Employees of Special Bodies 2015


This policy is issued under the authority of the Director, Integrity and Investigations and is subject to annual review.


The following people may be contacted in relation to the matters arising under this policy:

  • Director, Integrity and Investigations, 0428 763 507 
  • Senior Manager, Integrity Culture, 0427 218 137