The department welcomes feedback about its services and staff, and is committed to responding fairly and within a timely response. If you know the business unit or area:

  • use the quick list below to find the contact details
  • if your service is not listed below or you can't decide which process to use, visit the contact us section for a more comprehensive list.

If you are not sure how to proceed, call the main switchboard number for assistance on 03 8684 0000 or 1300 365 111 for regional callers. 

Please direct any feedback to the person you originally dealt with. If you do not feel comfortable talking to that person or they are unable to resolve your concern, you can formalise your feedback by selecting the most appropriate process below.

Any written feedback directed to the department will be acknowledged in writing within three business days. If you require a further response, we will phone or write to you within 20 business days. You only need to provide your contact details if you would like a response. Acknowledging or responding may take longer if your feedback is in a language other than English.

If you are not happy with the way your complaint has been handled, you can complain to the Victorian Ombudsman (External link)

For information on how the department collects and uses your personal information, refer to the department's information privacy policy and website privacy statement.

Website feedback

If your feedback relates to this website, please use the website feedback form.

If you need an interpreter

Call the Translating and Interpreting Service National on 131 450, ask them to call the department's main switchboard on 03 8684 0000 or 1300 365 111 (for regional callers), and ask the switchboard to direct your call to a specific business unit or area.


Adoption Services

To provide feedback about Adoption Services or services funded by Adoption Services, you can email (External link)


Child safety concerns and complaints

View our Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy page for more information about child safety, including how to report a concern or complaint.

Concerns or complaints can also be submitted directly to the Child Safety Officer:

Email: (External link)
Phone: (03) 9136 3666


Community correctional services

General feedback

Visit the Corrections, Prisons and Parole website (External link) for more information on how to provide general feedback or for information on community correctional service office locations (External link).

Were you served in a regional office?

Email the closest regional feedback coordinator:


Honorary Justice Services Support (Justice of the Peace and Bail Justice)

To lodge a complaint concerning a Justice of the Peace or a Bail Justice use the complaint form about the conduct of an honorary justice in Victoria

General feedback

Other feedback can be submitted to Honorary Justice Services Support as follows:

Email: (External link)

Telephone: (03) 8684 4117

Postal address: GPO Box 4349
Melbourne Vic 3000


Information privacy

Visit our privacy page for more information about information privacy, including how to make a complaint.



Visit Victoria Police's Contact Us page (External link) for more information.

To make a complaint about police corruption, see the complaints page on the Independent Broadbased Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) website (External link)



General feedback

Visit the Corrections, Prisons and Parole website (External link) for more information on how to provide general feedback, prisoner health feedback or for information on prison locations (External link)



Formal complaint

The department has a process in place to manage complaints from suppliers about procurement processes.

For more information see making a procurement complaint.


Sheriff's operations (including fines and penalties)

General feedback

Visit the Fines Victoria website (External link) for more information on who to contact (External link) at different points in the process.

To provide feedback about Fines Victoria you can write to:

Director Fines Victoria
GPO Box 123
Melbourne VIC 3001

To provide feedback about the operation or installation of traffic cameras, visit the Cameras Saves Lives website (External link)

To provide feedback about Sheriff's operations you can email: (External link)

Were you served in a regional office?

Email the closest regional feedback coordinator:

For more information about regional services, visit Justice service locations


Victims' Charter





Visit our Protected Disclosures page for more information.