As part of the Victorian Government's commitment to a safer and fairer Victoria, the department makes and updates laws and regulations with focus on access to justice, equitable and fair outcomes and the protection of rights and the rule of law.

Consultation with the community, business and stakeholders is central to the department’s work in this area. Within the justice system, the department works with a range of statutory offices, authorities and agencies which oversee and regulate legal practices and services.

Through its business units and bodies, the department regularly consults the community and businesses over possible changes to the law and ways to improve efficiency and organisation. The public, as well as businesses in both the public and private sectors, all have the chance to contribute to new legislation before it goes before Parliament through policy papers, policy reviews and other consultative processes.

Updating and reviewing legislation is an ongoing process, and the department is currently taking action in a number of areas of civil and criminal law, courts policy and human rights, as featured below.

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Civil law

Civil law

Civil law regulates the rights and responsibilities of individuals, groups and organisations in their interactions