The Department of Justice and Community Safety has developed Accessibility in Action: Disability Action Plan 2022-2026.

This plan:

  • values people with disability and carers
  • has a vision so our systems are inclusive and accessible
  • covers how we work with people in the community and within our workplaces.

We developed it in partnership with staff with disability, carers and allies across the department.

Monitoring progress

We will monitor our progress by:

  • regular updates to the department’s Board of Management
  • public reports through the department’s annual report.


The plan has 4 focus areas:

Focus area 1: Improving data on disability and intersectionality

We want to improve how we collect data. We will use the data to create better policies, programs, services and workforce strategies.

Focus area 2: Building capability and capacity

We want the department to be more inclusive. We want to provide more support to people with disability as clients and employees.

Focus area 3: Equitable pathways to career development and leadership

We want more people with disability in leadership roles. People with disability should have better opportunities for career development, equal pay, leave and flexible work.

Focus area 4: Creating a safer, empowering and inclusive culture

We want to create environments where Justice clients and staff feel safe, respected, supported and valued.

You can read about the actions the department will take in the Action Plan documents below.

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