16 September 2020
The Victorian Government welcomes the Committals Report 2020 by the Victorian Law Reform Commission.
25 August 2020
An independent review is being conducted into Victoria's workers compensation system and you're invited to have your say.
4 August 2020
Information about the Permitted worker scheme covering workplaces in Melbourne, Victoria from 11.59pm Wednesday 5 August.
4 August 2020
The Victorian Government welcomes the Contempt of Court Report 2020 by the Victorian Law Reform Commission
1 July 2020
Fire Rescue Victoria, the new fire and rescue service operating in Melbourne and regional centres was launched on 1 July 2020
25 June 2020
Information and updates about Corrections Victoria’s response to the potential risk of coronavirus (COVID-19)
25 June 2020
Personal visits to all Victorian youth justice precincts are currently suspended to reduce the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19)
17 June 2020
Funding of up to $500,000 to improve community safety, security and confidence in public places
1 May 2020
Find information about Victoria’s response to slow the spread of coronavirus in Victoria, including restrictions and government support
15 March 2020
Latest coronavirus update from Brett Sutton, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer coronavirus in Victoria
3 March 2020
From 2 March 2020 new laws allowing renters in Victoria to keep a pet come into effect
2 March 2020
The new Guardianship and Administration Act 2019 (Act) commenced on 1 March. The Act provides greater independence and autonomy for adults with disabilities, enabling them to take care of their own needs with appropriate support.
6 January 2020
Bushfire Recovery Victoria is a new dedicated agency focused on working with local communities impacted by our state's bushfire.
5 December 2019
The Fines Reform Advisory Board, headed by former Victoria Police Commissioner, Ken Lay, is asking Victorians about their experience of the fines system
11 November 2019
The new campaign to reinforce the deadly risks of fire and the importance of planning and preparing for the fire season has been launched
1 November 2019
You can have your say on issues relating to retirement villages as part of a review of the Retirements Villages Act 1986.
28 October 2019
Have your say on how best to implement the proposed ban of conversion practices by providing feedback on the discussion paper
17 October 2019
The Department of Justice and Community Safety has released its Annual Report for 2018-19.
19 September 2018
The 2017-18 Annual Report for the Department of Justice and Regulation