An infringement notice, or fine, is a penalty for breaking the law. In Victoria offences for which fines can be issued are covered by more than 60 acts and are administered by a range of state and local government agencies, including universities and hospitals.

Traffic, parking and transport-related offences are the most common.

Enforcing fines

If you receive a fine and do not pay it on time, you will be subject to additional fees.

Should your unpaid fine advance to warrant stage, sheriff’s officers will be called in to enforce the matter.

Sanctions at the Sheriff’s disposal include: 

The system

The infringements system is in place to discourage unlawful behaviour and to give people the option of resolving their matters by paying a fixed penalty, rather than going to court.

Fines Victoria (External link) – which sits within the Department of Justice and Community Safety – is the entity that manages the administration and enforcement of infringement and court fines across the state.

Fines Victoria is a single, central and accessible point of contact for people with outstanding fines.

Fines Victoria replaced the former Civic Compliance Victoria.

For more information about the fines process, to pay a fine or to explore your options, please visit the Fines Victoria website (External link)

Your fine options

The fines system offers a number of options to resolve your fine (External link) It is important that you take action early to ensure these options remain available to you.

If you meet certain criteria, you may also be eligible to apply for:

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