Open data

The department publishes information and data to:

  • promote openness, accountability and transparency
  • stimulate innovation, research and commercial activity.

We publish our spreadsheets in a machine-readable format to make it easier for the community. You can search all our datasets on the Victorian Government Data Directory website (External link) to search for a particular dataset released by our department. You can also submit a new dataset suggestion (External link)

The following data is available on this website:


Finding a research paper

Refer to publications to search for a particular research paper on our website. 

Human research ethics

Any research or evaluation conducted by or for the department or its statutory agencies, or done under its auspice, must satisfy ethical standards as provided by the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (External link) developed jointly by the National Health and Medical Research Council, Australian Research Council and Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee.

An application to the Justice Human Research Ethics Committee (JHREC) for ethics approval must be made for all research or evaluation, if it involves more than a low level risk, as defined by the National Statement.

Find out how to make a JHREC application.