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The Responsible Gambling Ministerial Advisory Council (the council) is established under section 10.2.1 of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003.

The council’s remit is to provide advice to the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation (the minister) on responsible gambling policy and research matters.

The Victorian Government, through the minister, seeks the council's advice on how to ensure the Victorian gambling industry operates responsibly and sustainably, in a way that minimises the harm from problem gambling, while creating an environment where those who gamble safely are permitted to do so.

The council consists of a chair and members appointed by the minister. The chair provides leadership to the council and assists the council to understand and carry out its role.

Members are drawn mainly from industry, academia, local government and community groups, and reflect a diverse range of skills, backgrounds and expertise. Members are appointed based on their understanding of gambling and community issues, their understanding of public policy and their ability to contribute constructively to the work of the council.

Council members meet approximately four times a year to discuss gambling-related issues and projects based on an annual work plan.

The council establishes working groups to carry out more detailed work on projects identified in the work plan. Working groups consist of council members and others who are invited to sit on a working group due to their relevant expertise and skills.

The council’s work is not necessarily about achieving consensus, but rather helping to inform decisions and to identify areas where members agree and those areas where agreement cannot be reached. Where there are divergent views, these views will be recorded in the advice provided to the minister.