A justice and community safety system that works together to build a safer, fairer and stronger Victoria.



Safer and more resilient communities

  • Victorians are protected from crime
  • Contact with the criminal justice system is minimised
  • Victorian communities understand risk and act to reduce harm from natural disasters and disruptive events
  • Justice services support the health and
    wellbeing of Victorians in all of their

A trusted justice and community safety system

  • Justice institutions, regulators and services are trusted and transparent
  • Victorians feel safe
  • Victorian consumers understand their rights and are confident in exercising them
  • Victims of crime feel safe and supported throughout their experience with justice systems and services

Easy access to justice and safety systems and services

  • Justice services are integrated and easy to navigate
  • Justice services respond to user needs
  • Justice services are accessible to all Victorians

A fair and accessible justice system for Aboriginal people

  • Systemic harm is identified and addressed
  • Over representation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system is reduced
  • Self determination is embedded in all justice and community safety systems and services

Policy and delivery priorities to achieve outcomes


Integrating services and tailoring them for local communities

How we will support our priorities:

  • Integrate services that are high quality, culturally responsive, fair and consistent
  • Solve problems locally, particularly in rural and regional communities
  • Empower community response, leadership and action
  • Build and strengthen emergency management and crisis response in the Sector
  • Design family centred and person centred integrated services

Prioritising Victorians in need

How we will support our priorities:

  • Increase support, safety and social connections for priority groups
  • Promote access to dispute services for civil and criminal matters
  • Prevent entry into the criminal justice system through early intervention
  • Embed Aboriginal justice and principles of self determination into the justice system
  • Increase access to mental health support for justice clients
  • Build individual resilience and capability
  • Support people in contact with our custodial system

Focusing on victims and survivors

How we will support our priorities:

  • Embed victim-survivor experience in our work
  • Support timely and consistent service standards
  • Ensure that victim-survivors inform policy and service design

Strengthening stakeholder partnerships

How we will support our priorities:

  • Strengthen relationships, engagement and collaboration across WoVG, with communities and the Justice and social services sector 
  • Leverage opportunities to share, design and co-sponsor outcomes
  • Build ways to collaborate and deepen relationships
  • Connect and support aboriginal communities

DJCS Supporting priorities


Ensuring a workforce that is safe and confident

How we will support our priorities:

  • Develop our people through a workforce and capability strategy
  • Build and strengthen emergency management and crisis response capability in our people
  • Promote a positive culture and strengthen staff safety and wellbeing
  • Embed high standards of integrity and conduct
  • Support diversity, inclusion and intersectionality

Delivering evidence-based outcomes

How we will support our priorities:

  • Develop a strong evaluation culture that produces and values evidence-based policy
  • Use data and evidence to support policy, service design and delivery
  • Embed a consistent WoVG outcomes approach

 Investing in technology and digital solutions

How we will support our priorities:

  • Ensure systems and software are effective
  • Invest strategically in technology
  • Promote the use of a single data repository
  • Update and integrate IT infrastructure
  • Enable our people through improved technology and streamlined systems and processes
  • Drive customer centred service design and solutions

 Driving productivity

How we will support our priorities:

  • Establish customer focused, centralised corporate functions
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and learning
  • Develop clearer performance standards that drive innovation and efficiency
  • Redesign processes to realise savings

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