To ensure safer communities, the Department of Justice and Community Safety is involved in registering and issuing certificates and licences and maintaining registers for individuals engaged in certain activities. The most common of these is the Working with Children Check.

Other important non-business licences, certificates and registers regulated by the department include firearms licences, fundraising registers, Proof of Age cards, and birth, death, marriage and relationship certificates.

Use the information below to find out where to:

  • apply for different licences or certificates
  • question or appeal a licensing decision.

If the non-business licence or certificate you are looking for is not listed below, it is not issued or regulated by the Department of Justice and Community Safety or its agencies.

Other departments and agencies responsible for non-business licences and certificates include the following:



Births, deaths and marriages

The Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages issues certificates including:

  • birth certificates
  • death certificates
  • family history certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • relationship certificates.

To apply for a certificate or find out more, visit a Justice Service Centre or the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages website (External link)


Working with Children Check

If you are doing paid or voluntary child-related work, you need to pass the Working with Children Check, unless you qualify for an exemption. 

To find out if you or your employees need a Check, visit the Working with Children Check website (External link). On the website you can also apply, renew and replace your card or check whether someone else's card is still valid.


Proof of Age

The Victorian Proof of Age card is used to verify that the person seeking to enter a licensed premises or purchase liquor is over 18 years of age.The card is issued by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR).

To apply or find out more, visit the VCGLR website (External link)



Victoria Police issues firearms licences. Firearms licence holders planning to hunt game require a separate game licence. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) issues game licences.

Applying for a licence

To apply for or find out more about firearms licences, visit the Victoria Police website (External link)

To apply for or find out more about game hunting licences, visit the Game Management Authority (External link)


To contest a licensing decision (if, for example, your licence application has been denied or revoked), there are two avenues of appeal:

In the first instance, contact the Firearms Appeals Committee. If the issue is not resolved, it may then be escalated to VCAT.



If you take part in fundraising, you must register with Consumer Affairs Victoria unless exempt.

To register as a fundraiser, to see if you are exempt, or to search for a registered fundraiser visit the fundraisers section (External link) of the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

Patriotic funds 

If you collect funds relating to military service or duty, you must establish an approved patriotic fund.

To apply to establish a fund, visit the patriotic funds section (External link) of the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.


Incorporated associations

For your community group, club or organisation to become an incorporated association, you must register it with Consumer Affairs Victoria.

To find out about the benefits of incorporating and to register, visit the incorporated assocations section (External link) of the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.



The department administers Governor-in-Council weapon exemptions made under the Control of Weapons Act 1990. These exemptions are only made in a limited number of circumstances for groups or classes of people to possess, purchase or sell, use, manufacture or carry certain prohibited weapons.

Victoria Police is responsible for weapon approvals for individuals and business entities who legitimately require prohibited weapons. The Victoria Police website has a list of prohibited weapons (External link) available.

In the first instance, you should discuss with Victoria Police whether an approval or exemption is appropriate for your or your organisation’s needs.

For more information on existing weapon exemptions and weapon approvals visit Victoria Police’s website (External link)


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