Highlights from the report

With a focus on increasing community safety, the department has prioritised policing, law enforcement and crime prevention activities, including the deployment of 1500 new police and 25 new Protective Service Officers across the state. More than $45 million has also been invested in increasing security measures in Melbourne’s CBD, including new security cameras, speakers, bollards and barriers, and the creation of pedestrian protection zones.

The department has added a significant number of beds across the prison system and early works have commenced on the new fit-for-purpose youth justice precinct at Cherry Creek, which includes dedicated mental health and intensive intervention units.

We have also established the new Youth Justice Commissioner to support the youth justice workforce and enhance management and supervision of young people. This has enabled 1408 diversions overseen by Children’s Court Youth Diversion coordinators, with 94 per cent of diversions successfully completed.

Following a machinery of government change, the workplace safety portfolio transferred to the department, with a significant reform program. This includes commitments to legislate a new workplace manslaughter offence and introduce a provisional payments scheme to provide early support for injured workers.

Reforms to the Victorian fines system have improved options for vulnerable people, while increasing the timeliness of fine payments through more efficient and effective collection and enforcement.

Building increased confidence and equality in the civil justice system, significant work was completed on traditional owner settlements, delivering effective dispute resolution services, and improving online access to Births, Deaths and Marriages services.

The Justice Legislation Amendment (Access to Justice) Act 2018 also began, implementing 16 of the 57 government-supported recommendations of the Access to Justice Review. Meanwhile, more than 130 reforms to strengthen renters’ rights were introduced when the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2018 was passed by Parliament.

Through Service Delivery Reform and initiatives such as the Aboriginal Justice Agreement and Family Violence Reforms, the department is also reimagining its approach to strengthening partnerships and working collaboratively with justice stakeholders.

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